Closet Revenue Calculator

Get a peek into the revenue performance of a Poshmark closet.

Closet tools can let you see the total revenue, some historical revenue stats, as well as the top performing brands of any closet on Poshmark.

The Revenue Calculator is an estimate. There are three things that make the revenue calculator inconsistent with true results:

  1. Bundles
  2. Cancellations & returns
  3. A 5000 item limit

Because of this, the revenue calculator tends to overestimate sales by 10% - 20%. For instance, someone might purchase a bundle of 3 items that were originally $100 each, for $200, but Poshmark reports each individual item as being sold for $100 (publicly). Also, cancellations and returns are marked as “sold” and can’t be deleted, even though they are not true revenue. Lastly, Poshmark only allows retrieving 5000 items from a closet, so if the closet has sold more than 5000 items the total revenue would actually be more.

Here’s how to use it:

Calculating revenue for a closet

  1. Navigate to any closet page on Poshmark, and make sure Closet Tools has loaded.

  2. Go to the ⚡️ tab in Closet Tools.

  3. Click the “Closet Revenue Calculator” button.

It should automatically grab all of the sold items for the closet, and display them below the button when it’s done.