Continuous Mode, Limit, & Delay

Keep sharing your items, but make it look natural.

Continuous Mode

Continuous mode is pretty simple. It lets you share the items that you’re sharing over and over again in a loop.

To enable continuous mode, simply toggle on the “Continuous” option at the bottom of the sharing tab.

Continuous Limit

Closet Tools is designed to look as much as a human operator as possible. People don’t share for several hours every single day without stopping, and now Closet Tools doesn’t have to either.

Sometimes you don’t know the exact number of items in your closet, and it can change on a day-to-day basis if you’re constantly adding and selling items.

So, instead of just using the share limit to make sure you don’t overshare, you can now use the Continuous Limit.

The Continuous Limit lets you specify how many times you want continuous mode to loop before stopping.

For example, if you wanted to share your entire closet 6 times, you would put 6 into the Continuous Limit box. Then, when sharing on Continuous Mode, the app will stop after sharing your closet 6 times.

To use it: In the ⚙️menu, scroll down to the bottom. If you want to enable it, click the radio button to the left. When it’s highlighted, it’s enabled. Then, put the number of times you want to loop before stopping in the text box to the right.


There are only two things that will reset the continuous limit counter:

  1. Refreshing the page.
  2. Reaching the continuous limit and turning it off when prompted.

So, if you want to clear the counter (if you want to share more) just refresh the page.

Also, you can simply turn off the continuous limit if you don’t want it to limit your sharing.

If both the share limit and the continuous limit are on, whichever one comes first is what will stop sharing your items.

This setting only applies to closets, it does not restrict continuous mode when you’re continuously sharing a party or a brand feed.

Continuous Delay

Continuous delay lets you randomize your sharing by adding a delay after sharing your closet on continuous mode.

After finishing sharing your whole closet (or as many items as you’re sharing), continuous mode will take into account the values you put in the continuous delay boxes, and pick a random number between those two values.

That random number will be how long it pauses (in seconds) before sharing your closet again.

Using Continuous Delay

In the ⚙️ menu, there’s a Continuous Delay field with two text inputs. Those text inputs are where you’ll put the minimum time and maximum time (in seconds) for the continuous delay.

The continuous delay will randomly select a time between those two numbers when sharing an item to make it seem more natural.

For example, you could put in 10 for the minimum, and 120 for the maximum. Then the tool would pause at the end of sharing for a random number of seconds between 10 and 120 seconds.