Follow New Closets

Follow new closets on Poshmark.

Closet Tools gives users the ability to do something that’s only restricted to the Poshmark mobile app: Following new closets.

Until now, there was no way to reliably find new closets on Poshmark’s website. There’s no page that exists on the website that lists new closets.

Closet Tools has the ability to use the same list as the Poshmark App for their “new closets” page, and can automatically follow hundreds of new closets quickly.


  1. On any page on Poshmark’s website where Closet Tools pops up, in Closet Tools, head over to the ⚡️ tab.

  2. Click the “Follow New Closets” button.

  3. Enter the number of closets you want to follow.

  4. Click the “Follow New Closets” button.

Closet Tools should now begin following new closets in the background.


  • You can change the speed of the follow button at the bottom of the 🔁 tab.
  • You can also pause the following by clicking the “Follow New Closets” button again.
  • This feature does not currently solve captchas, so if it starts failing to follow users, you might need to follow a closet manually to get a captcha to pop up so it can be solved and you can continue.