The best Poshmark tips and tricks.

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Get to the top of Poshmark, fast!

There are so many different methods, rumors, and tactics that help you get ahead on Poshmark. There’s sharing, following, commenting, re-listing, etc.

It’s overwhelming, and any normal person would go insane trying to keep up. It would take several hours a day to complete all of these tasks, and if there are no results, it leaves Poshers feeling defeated.

Luckily, that’s where the Closet Assistant steps in. It saves you all of that time,...

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Organize Your Poshmark Inventory

The fastest and most intuitive way possible.

How often do you organize your closet on Poshmark to get your best listings on top? Once a week? Once a day? Multiple times a day?

Everyone knows that getting your best and most likely to sell listings at the top of your closet increases your chances of selling those items.

You probably spend several hours in a month properly organizing your closet in order to get your best stuff at the top. You have...

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How To Keep Your Assistant Up-To-Date

TLDR; Ctrl + Shift + R

Update (June 2018)

There’s a much easier way to update your assistant! Simply head over to the Closet Assistant update page on the device that you want to update.

Stay Up To Date

Hey, Jordan here. I wanted to communicate to the Closet Assistant users about getting the latest updates on-demand.

I am constantly adding new features and design updates to the assistant, and it will continue to get better...

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How To Use The Closet Assistant On Your Phone

Now you can share on the go!

Bookmarklets Are Cool

If you’ve installed the Closet Assistant, then you’ve installed a bookmarklet. It’s basically the way we add code to a webpage and launch the app.

Since bookmarklets are universal across browsers, this means it works on any browser (that supports bookmarklets, which is most) and any device.

And if it works on any device, that means it will work on your phone!

Let’s get started.

Install The Closet Assistant

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The Future Of Closet Tools

What's in store for the next few months and going forward.

The Current State Of Closet Tools

It’s hard to believe that Closet Tools and the Closet Assistant launched less than a month ago. It feels like it has been longer, and it has been pretty successful despite limited marketing and distribution surrounding it.

Users of the Closet Assistant are really making use of it. Here’s a few numbers (I don’t track very much):

  • 23 Days Since Launch
  • 15 Users
  • 172 Opens Per...
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Is The Closet Assistant Unethical?

A deep dive into some of the ethics behind the tool.

A Typical First Impression

If you’re like most Poshers, your first response to hearing about the Closet Assistant is that it’s cheating and shouldn’t be allowed on the platform.

That’s a 100% justified reaction, since the Poshmark Community Guidelines state: Do not use programs or other forms of automation to participate on Poshmark. This includes, but is not limited to liking, sharing, following, and unfollowing.

So, everyone knows that automation is against...

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BANNED: How Much Is Too Much?

A new series on the Closet Tools blog.

What does it take to get your closet shut down? It’s surprising how little it takes to be permanently limited by the moderators on the platform.

I truly want to figure out what makes Poshmark tick, and the ultimate tricks to make the best and most profitable closet.


The other night, during the 7:00 PM PST Party, I was able to generate 5386 shares in just two hours (during the party). I clicked...

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This Is Closet Tools



Hey! 👋 Welcome to Closet Tools. I’m Jordan, the creator of the Closet Assistant. This is a brief overview of how Closet Tools got started, and where it’s headed.

Let’s Start From The Beginning

When was the beginning? A few years ago. Long before the Closet Assistant, or even the idea of the assistant existed.

My wife’s friend was introducing my wife to Poshmark. It was an exciting new venture. A way...

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Want To Make More Sales On Poshmark?

Make more sales and spend less time sharing by using the Closet Assistant.

Get The Closet Assistant