Background Mode

Load your items and share without scrolling.

Background mode is a setting that allows Closet Tools to load your items in the background, so you no longer need to scroll to load items on the page.


  • You don’t have to scroll to load items.
  • Items are shared in the background, which is fast and smooth (especially on mobile devices)

How It Works

This mode dynamically loads items on any page Closet Tools activates on Poshmark, meaning you can use it on brand feeds, party feeds, your closet, other closets, etc.

Background mode uses your current settings to load items. So, if you want to change the items you load, you’ll want to change the built-in Poshmark settings (brands, prices, colors, availability, etc.)

When you’re on a brand feed (a feed other than a closet), backgroud mode loads 48 of the most recent items. If you have continuous mode on, then it will load 48 newer items after each time it shares through the items.

If you’re in a closet, background mode loads all of the items that match the current settings you have specified on the page(brands, prices, colors, availability, etc.).

This is particularly useful if you have lots of available items (say, 500 or more). It gets you up and sharing very quickly.

Background mode also applies to other special closet functions, such as Edit + Sharing, Offering to Likers, Changing Prices, etc.

No longer having to scroll to load items makes Closet Tools faster, and less resource intensive for your device. If you experience crashing issues (when scrolling to load all of your items), definitely try Background mode.

Steps To Activate

  1. Load up Closet Tools.
  2. Head over to the ⚙️ tab.
  3. Toggle the “Background Mode” toggle to be on (white/filled in).