Apple iPhone & iPad Installation

Install Closet Tools on your iPhone or iPad.

Before we get started, it’s important to understand that using Closet Tools on mobile devices is not the intended way to use Closet Tools. It works, but there is one major flaw:

On mobile devices, the browser cannot operate in the background. This means, if you want to keep Closet Tools running, you cannot leave the browser to do other things on your phone, and you cannot let your screen timeout and lock.

Also, Closet Tools will not automatically open on iOS Devices. You have to open it each time you want to use it. This isn’t a big deal, but it’s a difference between using Closet Tools on iOS Devices and using it on computers.

Closet Tools is recommended for use on a computer using the Google Chrome extension because it can run in the background seamlessly. You can minimize the browser, go to different tabs, etc. As long as Closet Tools is open in a tab, it will run.

At the end of these instructions you’ll see the steps you can take to make sure your screen stays on and your iOS Device stays unlocked so Closet Tools can run uninterrupted.

If you’re still wanting to use Closet Tools on your phone, follow these instructions:


  1. Visit this page on your iOS Device in Safari (if you’re on your computer, switch over to your iOS Device). Make sure you’re using Safari, and not a different browser.

  2. Copy the following link by tapping the “Copy Closet Tools Code” button right below this step.

  3. Tap the share button in Safari (the square with the arrow pointing up).

  4. Tap “Add Bookmark” and hit Save. This will add a bookmark to your bookmarks list. Now, we’ll find that bookmark and edit it.

  5. Tap the bookmarks button in Safari (the one that looks like a book).

  6. Search for “Closet Tools”.

  7. When you see the Closet Tools bookmark we just made, tap and hold on the bookmark, and then tap “Edit”.

  8. In the first text box, change the title to be “Closet Tools”.

  9. In the second text box, paste the URL that you copied in step 2.

  10. Now, head over to Poshmark.




  11. Log into your Poshmark account.

  12. Once you’re on the main feed, tap your bookmarks button.

  13. Search for Closet Tools. Tap the Closet Tools bookmark you just made.

  14. Closet Tools should pop up on the screen. You can now log in, or create a new account and start a subscription to get access.

Set Your iOS Device To Never Sleep

In order to keep Closet Tools running on your iOS device, you’ll want to make sure your screen doesn’t turn off while it’s running.

iOS devices allow you to keep the screen on by disabling the automatic lock screen.

To do that, open the Settings app. Open the Display & Brightness menu. Select the Auto-Lock option. Select the Never option.

You can check out all of the features of Closet Tools and how to use them over on the documentation page.