Apple iPhone & iPad Installation

Install Closet Tools on your iPhone or iPad.

Video Walkthrough

It's a bit fast, but the written instructions are below.


  1. Go to this page on your iPad/iPhone. It's
  2. Install Apple's Shortcuts app on your iPhone/iPad. Tap the button/image just below this step to view it in the App Store and install it if it's not already installed.
  3. Open the Shortcuts app.
  4. In the Starter Shortcuts section (towards the bottom), tap the "What's a shortcut?" shortcut.
  5. Tap anywhere to make the prompt go away.
  6. Next, open the settings app on your iPhone/iPad.
  7. Scroll down to the Shortcuts menu option and tap it.
  8. Toggle Allow Untrusted Shortcuts to be on. Follow the prompts to allow untrusted shortcuts.
  9. Now you'll add the Closet Tools shortcut. Add it by tapping the Add Shortcut button right here 👇.
  10. After tapping Get Shortcut, another window will pop up. Scroll to the bottom and tap the Add Untrusted Shortcut button.
  11. Restart your iPhone/iPad (sometimes the shortcut doesn't pop up immediately unless you do this).
  12. Open up Safari on your iPhone/iPad.
  13. Head over to and log into your Poshmark account. Head to your closet page.
  14. Once you're in your closet, you can open Closet Tools. Do this by tapping the Safari share button in the top right (for iPad) or bottom middle (for iPhone). Scroll to the bottom of the share list, and tap the Closet Tools option.
  15. Follow the prompts to allow Closet Tools to run on
  16. Close out of the share menu. Closet Tools should pop up in the bottom left corner of the page. If it's not there, run step 14 again.
  17. If you already have a Closet Tools account, sign into the Closet Tools app. If not, sign up for an account using your email and password and start a free trial to get access to the action tabs.
  18. If you just signed up for a new account and started a free trial, the page will refresh. The Closet Assistant app will dissapear. Don't worry, just open it from the share menu again (step 14) and it will pop up.

Further Instructions

You’ll want to set your screen so it doesn’t turn off. That way it always stays open and awake. If you don’t do this, Closet Tools will stop because it can't run in the background on iPhones/iPads.

To do that, open the Settings app. Open the Display & Brightness menu. Select the Auto-Lock option. Select the Never option.

You need to launch Closet Tools using the share menu (step 14) each time you want to use it after refreshing the page or navigating to another page in Poshmark.

You can check out all of the features of Closet Tools and how to use them over on the documentation page.