Closet Organizer

Organize your closet quickly and intuitively.

Closet Organizer is the fastest and most reliable way to organize your closet.


  1. Go to your closet, select ‘Available’ items and scroll to the bottom (just like normal sharing).

  2. Head to the ⚡ tab. You’ll notice the ‘Closet Organizer’ button.

  3. Hit “Enable Organizer”

  4. You’ll notice the items in your closet have a purple border.

  5. Drag the items around until you like the order.

  6. Then, hit “Organize Closet” to make the changes stick. It takes a minute or two depending on your closet size.

  7. Refresh the page and see that your items are now in the order you wanted!


You may be visiting this page because Closet Tools told you to check the documentation after an error.

Here’s what could have went wrong:

  1. You’re not connected to the internet (or it’s flaky).

  2. Poshmark has disabled your sharing…

    A. Try sharing a few items manually. Usually this triggers the CAPTCHA. After completing the CAPTCHA, you should be able to use Closet Organizer.

    B. You may have shared too many items today and should wait until tomorrow.