Share Limit

Limit your shares to avoid share jail.

In the ⚙️ menu, there’s a ‘Daily Sharing Limit’ setting. This keeps track of all of your shares using Closet Tools over the last 24 hours and makes sure you don’t over-share.

To use it, be sure to enable the ‘Daily Sharing Limit’ by clicking the circle to the left. Then, put in the number of shares you want to do in a single day.

How Many Shares Should I Do?

That’s a tricky question, and it depends on your sharing patterns.

If you spread all of your shares evenly throughout the day, then you might be able to get away with 8000 - 10000 shares. But, if you’re sharing faster and in a shorter time period (like a couple of hours), then you’ll want to cap yourself at ~3000 - 5000 shares.

You’ll want to play around with the numbers to make sure you don’t get soft banned.

Once Closet Tools reaches the limit, it prompts you to either stop sharing or disable the limit and continue sharing.