Relisting Items

Automatically relist items and remove the original.

Closet tools can let you relist your items automatically on Poshmark. Relisting works by copying an existing item and deleting the original.

Why is relisting items on Poshmark useful? Poshmark will promote new listings in the main feeds of your followers - so when you relist an item, it’s an opportunity for you to show up in a promoted position to your followers.

Closet Tools will relist items automatically in seconds. Just like sharing, offering to likers, etc., you can relist your entire closet, or you can relist the items you select, or you can relist the items that match the Poshmark filtering options you have selected.

Closet Tools will not relist items that have active offers because items that have active offers cannot be deleted (and you would then have two of the same listing).

Here’s how to use it:

Relisting items

  1. Navigate to your closet page on Poshmark, and make sure Closet Tools has loaded.

  2. Make sure your have the correct filtering options, or have selected the items you want to relist.

  3. Go to the ⚡️ tab in Closet Tools.

  4. Click the “Relist items” button.

  5. There’s a confirmation message. To confirm and start relisting, click the pink “Relist items” button.

It should automatically go through all of the items and relist them. There are several steps to relisting an item, and it will take several seconds to complete relisting each item.

Note: If you refresh the page, or leave in the middle of relisting, you may have duplicate items in your closet depending on where it was in the process of relisting an item.