Captcha Alarm & Solve Captchas

Automatically solve captchas for uninterrupted sharing.

Captcha Alarm

When you are sharing or following automatically, there is a chance you will see the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA popup. Closet Tools is smart enough to stop what it’s doing when that pops up.

Now, if the Captcha alarm is enabled (it is by default), a chime will sound when the Captcha pops up. That means you can go to a different tab, go to different applications on your computer, or even do other things in the room and you’ll know exactly when to verify that you’re not a robot.

To hear how the alarm sounds, click here.


There’s now desktop notifications! Well, they’re actually browser notifications, but they show up on your desktop. Now you can be notified of a CAPTCHA popup no matter where you are on your computer.

Solving Captchas

Closet Tools has 2Captcha integrated in the app. That means when a CAPTCHA pops up on the screen, Closet Tools can automatically solve it.

You can enable automatic CAPTCHA solving in the ⚙️ tab.

It typically takes 2 minutes, but Closet Tools waits up to 3 minutes. During that time, it will chime to let you know that it’s still waiting for a solution, and it will also chime if the CAPTCHA has been solved (or failed to solve).

Once the captcha is solved, it continues doing what it was doing before automatically. If the CAPTCHA solving fails, you’ll need to solve the CAPTCHA manually to continue sharing/following.