Full Automation

Do 56,000+ shares and follows every week, and send offers to likers (and more) without touching anything.

Whenever you are on the main feed of Poshmark, you can have Closet Tools do a bunch of tasks throughout the day without you needing to touch anything. Full Automation allows you to:

  • Share your closet items
  • Share relevant items to active parties
  • Send offers to new likers (in seconds)
  • Return follows
  • Return shares
  • Follow new closets
  • Share fresh closets
  • Share party feeds
  • Share community items
  • Follow community closets

And more! All without touching anything.

No starting and stopping. No buttons to click. You don’t have to go to your closet to share your items. You don’t have to wait for parties to start to share to them. Just turn it on and let it go wild.


  1. Head over to the main feed on Poshmark.
  2. After Closet Tools pops up, go to the 🔴 tab.
  3. Enable automation (if it’s not already), and then scroll through the different automations to see which ones you want to turn on or off, and what settings you want for each.
  4. Let it run! Closet Tools will take care of everything for you. You should see notifications popping up in the automation feed above Closet Tools.


Enable Automation

At the top of the 🔴 tab, you can enable automation to automatically start in the background. You can also show or hide the notification feed.

Once you enable automation, the rest of the options will show up.


This section shows you all of the shares, follows, and offers you have sent.

The numbers in parentheses like (5000) are estimates of how many actions you’ll perform in 24 hours. This helps you to not go over the limits on Poshmark (I recommend staying under 8000 per day).

Time Window

The time window allows you to specify a time that you want actions to be enabled. Each action can either run for 24 hours, or it can run in the time window. Just set the start and stop time.

Closet Sharing

This feature will share your closet items to your followers (without needing to go to your closet page).

It can also relist old items automatically, making them show up as new listings in your closet.

You’ll want to specify the number of shares you want to do in a day, and the run time (during the time window, or 24 hours).

Party Self Sharing

This feature will share valid items from your closet to current parties as soon as parties start. No need to wait until parties start to share your items - it just works!

Send Offers To Likers

This feature sends offers to new likers in seconds. Once you get a new like, Closet Tools will send out an offer to that liker. Just specify the discount you’d like to send, the shipping discount, and how long after the new like that you’d like to send the offer.

Follow Back

This feature follows back new followers. Once you get a new follower, Closet Tools will automatically follow that person back if the feature is enabled.

Return Shares

Just like return follows, this feature allows you to return shares from closets that have just shared your items.

Closet Tools will only share back a closet once every 24 hours, so that you don’t waste a bunch of daily shares if people keep sharing your items.

Follow New Closets

Following new closets is exactly what it sounds like. Closet Tools will follow new closets, which helps get you in front of potential new buyers.

Just specify the number of closets you want to share in a day, and Closet Tools will share one item from each closet.

Share Fresh Closets

Sharing fresh closets allows Closet Tools to share an item from someone who recently listed an item. This helps you get new followers, and potentially new customers.

Just specify the number of closets you want to follow in a day, and Closet Tools will follow each closet.

Party Feed Sharing

This feature will share a number items from a party feed to your followers. This helps greatly with getting new shares on your items, new followers, and new likes because your items are getting in front of a different audience.

Just specify the number of items you want to share per party throughout the day, and it will take care of everything.

Community Sharing

This will share items from the community feed that you specify. You can select the market that you want to share from, and then Closet Tools will share items from that feed throughout the day.

Community Following

Just like community sharing, community following will follow closets from the community you specify throughout the day.