Bulk Actions Automation

Automatically scroll and select all items using Poshmark's Bulk Actions.

Poshmark recently introduced their new solution to help sharers spend less time sharing: Bulk Actions.

This mode allows you to select items from a list, and then perform the desired action on them (share to followers, a party, change prices, or offer to likers).

But, even with this tool, the user still has to go through and select all of their items to be able to perform the action.

With Closet Tools, this can now be automated. In bulk mode, Closet Tools will enable Poshmark’s Bulk Actions, and scroll all the way down the page to load all of your items, as well as select all of the items before performing sharing.

The “Bulk Mode” option can be enabled the ⚙️ tab. It works for sharing to followers, and sharing to parties automatically.

Offering to likers, and changing prices in bulk mode are not supported, but you can use the new “Bulk Actions: Select All” to scroll down the page and select all of your items after you enable bulk mode for offering to likers (and specifying the discount), or for changing prices (and setting the price change).


  1. Ensure “Bulk Mode” is enabled in the ⚙️ tab.

  2. Navigate to your closet page.

  3. Use the filtering options on the left side of the page to filter out items you don’t intend to share/offer/change prices.

  4. If you’re sharing to your followers, or sharing to a party, click the “Share To Followers” or “Share To Party” button in the 🔁 tab in Closet Tools. Closet Tools should take over and share all of your items.

  5. If you’re changing prices, or offering to likers, enable Poshmark’s “Bulk Actions” and specify the price changes or discounts for offers. Then, click the “Bulk Actions: Select All” button in the ⚡️ tab in Closet Tools. Then click the button to start offering or changing prices in Poshmark’s Bulk Actions menu at the top of the page.


  • Continuous mode will start sharing again if enabled.
  • Automatic captcha solving & continuing works with “bulk mode” sharing.