Notification Events

Automatically offer to new likers, return shares, and return follows.

Closet Tools has the ability to watch for certain notification events, and then respond with an automated action after a certain amount of time.

Demo Video

For example:

  • Someone likes one of your items, and Closet Tools can send an offer to the liker in 10 seconds (or more, or less).
  • Someone shares your items, and Closet Tools can go out and share some of their items as well (return shares).
  • Someone follows you, and Closet Tools can automatically follow that person back.

Answers to common questions

To enable these features, you can find them in the 🔴 tab in Closet Tools.

This feature is more about sending immediate offers, and less about “clearing the queue” of likes in your notifications. You can bulk offer to likers in the ⚡️ tab.

Once activated, when there’s a new event, you’ll see a purple notification pop up above Closet Tools saying the action it is taking (e.g., “New Like! Sending an offer in 10 seconds”).

For these live notification events to work, Closet Tools needs to be up and running. It does not need to be in the foreground (on a computer), but it needs to be “active”.

Closet Tools can automatically do these tasks while other things are happening, like while you are sharing items, following people, offering your items to likers, etc.

You do not have to be in the 🔴 tab for these feature to work.

These features only work on events that happen while Closet Tools is active. It does not go back through your notifications and act on old events - nor can it act on notifications if Closet Tools is not open and active.

The settings to use the speed setting in the 🔁 tab if you have multiple events. So if you’re sending out three return shares, those shares will be at whatever speed you have set, and they’ll happen after the share delay time.

If Closet Tools is running on multiple devices, it will act multiple times on notifications (which really only matters in the case of returning shares).

Steps To Activate

  1. Head over to the 🔴 tab.
  2. Toggle the “Automatically Offer To New Likers” (or return shares, or follow back) toggle to be on (white/filled in).

New likes (automatic offer to likers)

For new likes, Closet Tools can automatically send an offer to the liker in just a few seconds.

You can specify a few different settings:

  • The offer discount – 10%, 20%, 30%, or XX% (which is a custom percentage you can enter into a text field).
  • The shipping option.
  • The offer delay – which is the number of seconds after a like event that the offer is sent to the liker.

This is a great way to generate sales without having to sit on your computer/phone because when someone likes their item they’re actively engaged and in the app. They will see the notification and consider buying the item you’re selling.

New shares (return shares)

For new shares, Closet Tools can automatically share back items from the sharer’s closet.

You can specify a couple of settings:

  • Number of items to share back - can be any number of items.
  • The sharing delay - which is the number of seconds after a share event that the shares are sent back to the user.

This is a great way to keep active in the community, and even automate some sharing group activities that you want to keep up with.

⚠️ Closet Tools keeps a list of closets that have been automatically shared during the day. It won’t automatically share another closet twice in one day. This prevents people from consuming all of your shares by continuing to share your items in a day.

New follows (follow back)

For new follows, Closet Tools can automatically follow back closets that follow you.

There’s only one setting to specify, which is the follow delay (the number of seconds after someone follows you that you follow them back).

This is great for getting other users to come back to your closet and check some things out, or even get them to share a few items.