How To Organize Your Poshmark Inventory

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May 22, 2018 by Jordan

How often do you organize your closet on Poshmark to get your best listings on top? Once a week? Once a day? Multiple times a day?

Everyone knows that getting your best and most likely to sell listings at the top of your closet increases your chances of selling those items.

How do you organize your Poshmark closet? By sharing things in reverse order of how you want them to appear in your closet. You have to share from the bottom up to keep your closet order in place.

If you already do this, you probably spend several hours in a month properly organizing your closet in order to get your best stuff at the top. You have to make sure that you share them in the right order, and make sure you don’t share any duds.

And when you sell something you have to share everything in your closet to bury that listing at the bottom. Lots of work, just to make your closet look somewhat decent.

Well, now it doesn’t take hours. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Introducing Closet Organizer

The closet organizer is a function of the Closet Tools. It allows you to simply drag around your items in your closet, and then it shares them in that order. Not only does it save you a lot of time, it allows you to quickly test the performance of certain items in your closet. You could even rearrange them based on the party that’s going on.

Check out the short video showing how it works below 👇.

How Does It Work?

The closet organizer is really simple. Once it’s enabled, all of the items that are in your closet become ‘draggable’. Once you drag them around to your desired order, simply press ‘Organize Closet’, and wait for it to finish!

To organize your closet manually, you would have to share items in the order that you want them in (in reverse order). The Closet Tools does this for you automatically, silently, and as fast as possible.

Now, any time you sell an item, or want to prioritize certain items in your closet, it’s as easy as ever to simply drag and organize.

This Is Just One Feature Of Many

The Closet Tools gets updated regularly with features and updates that make it the best Poshmark automation tool out there. There are plenty of features that will be added over time, that will make your Poshmark experience better and more profitable.

What else can you do with Closet Tools? Automated sharing and following, automatic ‘Edit + Share’, CAPTCHA alerts, and more.

How often will you use the closet organizer? What new features would you like to see in Closet Tools?

Jordan 🙌

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