Mobile Installation (Beta)

Steps to install the assistant on your mobile device.

Pick Your Device 👇

iPhone / iPad

Installation for iOS devices takes a few steps, but it works!

Quick Steps

Closet Assistant
  1. Make sure you have Google Chrome on your desktop and your iOS device.
  2. Make sure you are logged into Chrome with your Google Account on both devices.
  3. On your desktop computer, drag the purple Closet Assistant button (above) to your bookmarks bar ☝. You cannot drag this button on your phone, only your desktop/laptop.
  4. When you do that, your bookmarks should sync between your devices. Give it a minute ⌚.
  5. On your iOS device, head over to and log in. Go to your feed or closet.
  6. When you get to your feed or closet, tap on the URL bar at the top and begin to type 'Closet Assistant'. If the syncing worked, your should see the Closet Assistant as an option.
  7. Tap the Closet Assistant JavaScript URL to launch the Assistant.
  8. Change your iOS device settings to keep your screen on all the time unless you press the power button. This will let it run uninterrupted. To do that, open the Settings app. Open the General menu. Select the Auto-Lock option. Select the Never option.

Detailed Steps

Since bookmarklets are universal across browsers, this means it works on any browser (that supports bookmarklets, which is most) and any device.

And if it works on any device, that means it will work on your phone!

Let’s get started.

Install The Closet Assistant

First and foremost, using Google Chrome on your Desktop/Laptop, drag the purple 'Closet Assistant' button to your bookmarks toolbar. It's right up there ☝. You cannot drag this button on your phone, only your desktop/laptop.

Make sure you are logged into Google Chrome. That means you’re synced with your Google account on Google Chrome.

If you’ve just dragged the Closet Assistant button, it will be a few minutes before it is synced to your other devices that are using Google Chrome (and are synced through your Google account). If you had the Closet Assistant installed for a while now, chances are it is already synced up and ready to go!

On Your Phone Or Tablet

Now we can switch over to your phone or tablet.

When you’re there, open up Google Chrome or Firefox and head over to Poshmark. Go ahead and log in, and head to the page you want to share (your closet, someone else’s closet, a party, whatever).

Poshmark Mobile Website

Now, tap on the address bar as if you were going to search something or enter a website.

When you’re there, type in Closet Assistant. You’ll see the Closet Assistant pop up (it’s the one that starts with javascript:(function...).

Poshmark Mobile Website

Go ahead and tap that option, and you should see the assistant pop up on the page!

Poshmark Mobile Website

Now you can use the Closet Assistant just like you would on your desktop!

Things To Consider

So now that you’ve successfully installed the Closet Assistant on your phone, everything is just peachy, right?

You’ll want to set your screen so it doesn’t timeout. That way it always stays open and awake. If you don’t do this, the assistant will stop in the background.

This hasn’t been fully tested, so the performance may vary. If you’re noticing that it’s doing some weird things on your phone that it doesn’t do on your desktop, you might want to keep using the desktop.

As usual, you’ll need to scroll down the page a bit to show all of your items before you can share all of your items. You can check out all of the options and how to use them over on the documentation page.


Installation for Android devices is fast and easy.

Quick Steps

  1. Install Firefox on your Android device.
  2. Head over to the assistant page using Firefox on your Android device.
  3. Install the Firefox extension.
  4. Advanced: Set the screen to stay on all the time to let the Assistant run uninterrupted.

    Depending on you tablet, you may have the option to set the screen timeout to "never" under Settings → Display → Sleep.

    If you do not have this option, you can enable Settings → Developer options → Stay awake. This will keep your tablet awake while it is charging. This could be useful if your tablet does not support the "never" screen timeout.

    Note: If you don't see Developer options in Settings, it may be made available by going to to Settings → About → Build number. Developer options should appear after tapping the build number several times.