BANNED: How Much Is Too Much?

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March 13, 2018 by Jordan

What does it take to get your closet shut down? It’s surprising how little it takes to be permanently limited by the moderators on the platform.

I truly want to figure out what makes Poshmark tick, and the ultimate tricks to make the best and most profitable closet.


The other night, during the 7:00 PM PST Party, I was able to generate 5386 shares in just two hours (during the party). I clicked the “Share To Party” button on the Closet Tools 4 (maybe 5) times. I call that a win! 🙌. Oh, and I got 529 followers from those shares.

But, was it too much? That’s the question.

It certainly was - but I wasn’t banned from the platform. Just limited in a few ways.

Here’s What Happens

So first of all, if we do the math, the Closet Tools can pump out 3600 shares an hour (1 second per share) in the fastest setting. That’s an ideal number, assuming the CAPTCHA never pops up, and your computer is awesome.

I tried to push Closet Tools to the max and payed close attention to start up again quickly when the CAPTCHA came up. This is actually quite easy because of the CAPTCHA alarm!

About 15 minutes shy of two hours, I noticed that the “Shared Successfully” notification wasn’t coming up when I shared items using the button. Sure enough, when I tried to share an item manually, I wasn’t able to share.

This is known as the 24 hour ban - You can’t share on your profile for 24 hours after hitting this limit.

But, that’s not the only repercussion.

That’s right, they got rid of my profile URL. That wouldn’t be so bad, except if I was using it to drive traffic to something important.

Here’s the other thing: I can’t follow anyone.

So, not only can I not share for 24 hours, and I can’t have a profile URL, I also can’t follow anyone to use as a growth tactic.

Other than that, I’m not sure about any other repercussions. I didn’t have any items in my closet, so I don’t know if this impacts sales at all. Maybe they could block people from buying your stuff? I wouldn’t put it past them.


This one certainly could be tested more thoroughly, but I think that getting that number is important. Basically, don’t share more than 5000 times during a party. You’ll almost certainly get blocked and restricted.

If you use the “Medium” speed on the Closet Tools, then you should only be able to get 1800 shares an hour, and you should be well within the limits for a party.

Based on these results, I’m going to be adding a daily share limit to the tool (it’ll be optional). This way you won’t get banned!

Peace out.

Jordan 🤙

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